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Welcome to Rainbow Bridge Online

rainbow bridge online logoRainbow Bridge Online is a community of like-minded animal-lovers who want to remember their pets with a smile, whilst helping and supporting others who have also felt the pain of losing a friend or two.

Based on the original Rainbow Bridge poem, whilst losing a pet is incredibly tough, it is important to remember what your pet did that made you smile. What precious memories do you have of them, what memorials can you create?

Rainbow Bridge Online is a modern pet loss memorial site and we would love to have your pets featured on here too. This is FREE unlike other pet loss sites and really easy to do. Simply go to Your Pet @ Rainbow Bridge and fill in the form – your pet will feature on our site instantly as well as being shared on all of our social media channels. If you prefer, you can submit your pet(s) through our Instagram or Facebook pages and we will copy them on to this site.

Our aim to create a passionate, loyal and active community for animal-lovers who help and support each other through the hard times. I sincerely hope that you will become part of this. Words of support when your pet passes can make a real difference to how you feel, especially when those words are from a stranger who have experienced the same pain as you.

Even leaving a single emoji can help comfort a broken heart.

On that note you will find many POEMS and QUOTES offering words of comfort. I have written two poems myself one of which is THE RAINBOW BRIDGE POEM, inspired by THE ORIGINAL RAINBOW BRIDGE POEM. The second is called A SINGLE TEAR, the pet’s point of view whilst they wait for us at Rainbow Bridge. I hope you take the time to read them as I am super-proud of them both.

You can download the Original Rainbow Bridge Poem, the Rainbow Bridge Poem and A Single Tear. These are FREE as well.

From A Single Tear, with the help of my beautiful and incredibly creative daughter (who can be found @ThatYouTubeGirl – please subscribe!!!), we created BUDDY THE DOG. Buddy features on his own merchandise. If you like the Single Tear poem and would like to purchase some of his products you can find them in our RAINBOW BRIDGE STORE. This store has many items which will help you through the pain, or help you to remember your pet so please take some time and have a browse.

Lots of love and all the very best to you and your extended family


PS> We are the fastest-growing pet loss site in the world and with your help we will be the biggest community of animal lovers with thousands of members. On every post you will see comment and share buttons so it’s really easy to do and that would be really great for us… please continue to spread the word.