Hi there, and a warm welcome to Rainbow Bridge Online, a beautiful, modern website dedicated to pet loss, or more specifically, pet memorial – remembering our pets who are waiting at Rainbow Bridge. If you’ve never heard of this poem then please read the Original Rainbow Bridge poem here.

We are a community of like-minded animal lovers who want to immortalize the lives and memories of furry family members online forever, whilst helping and supporting others who have also felt the heartache and pain of losing a friend or two themselves. That’s why we like to think of our selves as a pet memorial site as we focus on the memories, rather than the loss of a pet…. what did they do that made you smile?

Read about how this website started by reading the Welcome to Rainbow Bridge Online post. By far and away our most popular pages are The Original Rainbow Bridge Poem by author unknown and two poems by Tony Bacon (the owner of this site), those being Rainbow Bridge and A Single Tear. We will soon have a printable Rainbow Bridge poem for you to print off for free, we will release a blog when this is available.

We would love to have your pets featured here – to do this you will need to go to our Rainbow Bridge Online Instagram page. This is FREE (and always will be, unlike other pet loss sites) and really easy to do, even if you don’t have an account right now. You can see all of the Pets Waiting at Rainbow Bridge here as we copy over every pet featured on our Instagram page so they are also on this website. Soon you will be able to submit directly on this site.

Please follow us on social media, subscribe to our pet memorial blog and spread the word about what we do – we are the fastest-growing pet loss site in the world and with your help we will be the biggest community of animal lovers with thousands of our pets waiting at Rainbow Bridge. On every post you will see share buttons so it’s really easy to do and that would be really great for us… you will see that the Original Rainbow Bridge Poem has over 6000 shares already (as of Aug 23rd) and we only started the site at the beginning of 2017!

Finally, please make sure you follow Rainbow Bridge Online on Instagram and read the profiles of the pets featured. The owners will be going through the hardest part of pet ownership – the few days after they pass over to Rainbow Bridge – so any words of love or support, or even a like and an emoji can make a huge difference to someone’s day.

Keep spreading the love, growing our pet memorial community, helping each other through the hard times, whilst remembering and also sharing the best of times.

Remembering Your Pet


Self-hypnosis can be very powerful in helping you to deal with the loss of a pet. Instant MP3 downloads from HypnoticDownloads.com will help you get through these dark days. The most popular downloads through Rainbow Bridge Online are Dealing with the Death of a Pet, A Quiet Mind and 10 Steps to Absolute Assertiveness, whilst self-hypnosis for children can be even more effective than it is for adults, with downloads such as Coping with the Loss of a Pet – For Kids, and Kids – Share Your Worries being downloaded daily.

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Death of a Pet Self-Hypnosis Download



Buddy the Dog was born from the poem A Single Tear. Buy for yourself or friend to make coping with the sadness that little bit easier by clicking here and exploring the full catalog.




Regular blogs on topics including pet loss, pet memorial and remembering the things our pets do which make us smile.

And, of course, tributes to our beautiful babies who are waiting at Rainbow Bridge.