Welcome Skanks to Rainbow Bridge

Welcome Skanks to Rainbow Bridge Online. I spent many hard hours preparing our garden for the arrival of 12 rescue hens in the summer of 2009. I cleared the generously large section furthest from the house, moved a shed, built a sleeping accommodation for them and constructed a secure fence. The work was worth it though and the day we picked them up made it all worth while. The girls were rescued and transported back to their new paradise in large cardboard boxes. On their arrival, it took them ages to have the confidence to come out and explore. None of them had been outside before so things like grass and sunlight was a new and I guess quite scary experience. We gave them time to settle down and find their feet, with each hen emerging just a poorly and downtrodden as the next. We gave them the opportunity to enjoy their life after laying, the kind of life all animals should have. Although my daughter, who was about 4 at the time, grew particularly fond of PRUDENCE, I ended up with a soft spot for the runt of the runts, who I affectionately named Skanks as she was almost delightfully skanky, the skankiest of them all. They all spent their time happily together for the next few years, growing stronger every day. They all managed to grow a full body of wonderful brown feathers, and all of them were happy to be picked up and cuddled due to their newly found trust in humans, who had previously treated them so badly – who would have blamed them for never trusting us again. Skanks stood out for me for another personal reason… I took her to the vet when she became quiet and took herself off, like most animals do when the time is near. Alone on the car in the way down there I was stroking the back of her neck as she was lying on the passenger seat. She slowly closed her eyes as I pulled in to the vet car park. I cuddled her and tried to reassure he, but she had died in my arms. I have been vegetarian since x #rainbowbridgeonline #rainbowbridge #rip #restinpeace #sad #rescue #love #repost #animals #furbaby #hen #chicken #chickens #girls #hens #backyardchickens #poultry #chickensofinstagram #bird #animal #beautiful #smile #life

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This post is taken from our Rainbow Bridge Online Instagram Page where you can submit your pets to Rainbow Bridge for free. It is fast becoming the leading pet loss memorial page around the world.

Why not click on the Instagram logo on the bottom right corner to leave a like or a comment for this Rainbow Bridge pet? Your kind words may help someone who is having a hard time right now.

If you know the owner, or you or someone else you know has lost a pet to Rainbow Bridge, maybe consider a Buddy Memorial Pin which you can get through our Online Store?

You may also find words of comfort in my Rainbow Bridge poems The Rainbow Bridge and A Single Tear.

Love and hugs to those waiting at Rainbow Bridge, and the owners who will reunite with them one day. Remember, at Rainbow Bridge, it’s not goodbye, it’s see you later.

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