Welcome to Rainbow Bridge Online

Hi there, and a warm welcome to Rainbow Bridge Online.

This blog is dedicated to remembering our pets who are waiting, albeit busy playing, at Rainbow Bridge. It is a community of like-minded animal-lovers who want to remember their pets with a smile, whilst helping and supporting others who have also felt the pain of losing a friend or two.

We all have that in common.

I am Tony; a father, a husband and a dog owner. Like many of you, I love my pets and they are treated as family members. On saying that, if you ask my wife, the order is dogs, daughter and then me but hey, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

We currently have Missy the Pug (AKA Misty, Pug Face, Stinky, Cat-Dog, Top Cat and Princess Missy Moo Moo) and a Rottie called Bear (AKA Bear Peanut, Bear Cub, Stinky (notice a pattern here?) and Doofus). Naturally they both insisted on having their own Instagram pages… Missy can be found @pugtasticmissy, whilst Bear is @bear_peanut14. In this house, Missy is the boss of the two being older and, if I may, female. Bear is, quite simply, an arse. We all agree on that one.

At the time of writing, in our house you will also find two fish tanks with tropical fish, a rabbit and guinea pig conspiring in the garden, and a rescue duck (Daffney – she was initially named Daffy but then ‘he’ laid an egg) in the pond, when not part of the secret chats with the two mini-fur balls. Just a matter of time until there’s a Chicken Run-style escape attempt methinks….

missy pug sitting

I write about pet ownership with a slant towards pet loss. Whilst that may sound incredibly depressing to some, I focus more on remembering our pets. I ask why are our pets are so important, why do they have the effect they have on our lives and how can we best capture their spirit and the wonderful memories they create for us.

What did your pet do that made you smile?

What fitting memorials can we create for them?

How do we make sure that the pets we have now are happy and healthy, and celebrate the quirky things they do which brighten up our lives?

Bear Peanut rottie rottweiler dog tongue out
Bear Peanut

In an attempt to encourage / bribe you to follow me (and to keep returning to my site (and to follow me on social media (please!))), I will do this for you…

I have an Instagram page called Rainbow Bridge Online (see what I did there?) on which I create posts for those who have lost their pets. There is no limit on how many pets you can include. I create these posts for free, all you have to do is have a page on Instagram, send me a clear photo of your pet’s face and write something lovely about them… that is, don’t just include when they passed but also write about what they did that made you smile…. the happy memories they have left you with.

By doing this I can take the posts I create for you and feed them in to this blog, creating a gallery in the sidebar with all of the latest pets to join us. I also create a page for each animal on this blog, and by viewing the Pets Waiting at Rainbow Bridge here or at the top of each page, you will see all of the pets on our memorial wall on this website. You can then click on the image and see your post. Friends and family, and indeed strangers, can then leave comments wither on Instagram and / or on the blog page.

I hope you will do the same for others.

This creates a fantastic memorial wall where owners have submitted their pets for free, animal lovers around the world can follow and be notified on Instagram when a new pet joins, and those followers can leave words of love, compassion and support quickly and easily.

I hope to create a passionate, loyal and active community for this pet loss memorial wall, and I hope that you will be part of that too. Words of support when your pet passes can make a real difference to how you feel, especially from strangers who are likely to be animals lovers who have experienced the pain of pet loss.

Even leaving a single emoji can help comfort a broken heart.

I will be very active on this site, updating most days with new pets waiting at Rainbow Bridge, as well as sharing new videos on my blog along with articles, poems, photos and quotes. I would love if for you to get involved by leaving comments, as well as following me on social media, the links of which can found at the bottom of most of the pages.

Eagle-eyed geeks may notice I don’t have a contact me page. Through all the social media channels I am active on the comments section on each of my blogs and vlogs, I’m sure we can manage some kind of communication without me having to comply with tradition and create a contact me form. Thank you for your understand :o)

I have written poems myself, two of which being Rainbow Bridge (my version of the classic inspired by the original Rainbow Bridge poem) and A Single Tear (the pet’s point of view whilst they wait at Rainbow Bridge). I hope you take the time to read them both as I am super-proud of them.

From A Single Tear, Buddy was created with the help of my daughter (who can be found on YouTube @ThatYouTubeGirl), and he features on his own merchandise. If you like the story behind him, which you can read here, and would like to purchase some of his products, including our Pet Loss Memorial Pin, you can find out more on these Buddy the Dog blogs, or why not go crazy and jump straight to our Rainbow Bridge Merchandise Page or the  Rainbow Bridge Online store now…?!?

In some blogs you will find links off to sites and products I recommend, either for the pets who are still with you, or for ways to remember pets who have passed. I may or may not get paid as an affiliate for some of these links. Please know two things… just because I get paid doesn’t mean you pay more, it just means that I can run this site without adverts all over the place, whilst offering free services – the links contribute to my sanity. Secondly, I will only recommend goods and services that I believe you will benefit from and that I or someone I know have personally used and are more than happy with.

Finally I hope you enjoy my blog and the various social media channels and services which I offer. Cap in hand, I also hope that you follow and purchase from some of the recommended sites as it will greatly help me to grow this site in to what I believe will be a fantastic community of like-minded animal lovers.  But, most importantly, I hope you will sense from me an underlying tone of love, compassion and empathy towards other pet lovers who, whilst having incredible 4-legged companions around them now, also have the irreplaceable and happy memories, with the occasion pang of sadness, for those who have since departed and who now wait for us at Rainbow Bridge.

Lots of love and all the very best to you and your family


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