Welcome Oreo to Rainbow Bridge

Hi Oreo. You look very smart in your picture! Go #play at #rainbowbridgeonline and look forward to a fantastic #reunion x #Repost with #love and #respect for @thatveganhippiechick ・・・ After 15 years of #companionship, we had to #saygoodbye to our sweet Oreo. It's never an easy decision to make, but you always have to think about what's best for them. The animals who share your home are #morethanpets, they're #family. Oreo was such a laid back and sweet boy. For such a tiny guy he was sure packed with love and had a huge personality! We love you #foreverandalways, Little Buddy. Rest well, and I hope your reunion with Cookie on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge was everything we imagined it to be. 💔 #alldogsgotoheaven #seeyouontheotherside #rip #Oreo #yorkie #oneeyedwonder

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This post is taken from our Rainbow Bridge Online Instagram Page where you can submit your pets to Rainbow Bridge for free. It is fast becoming the leading pet loss memorial page around the world.

Why not click on the Instagram logo on the bottom right corner to read the comments by our community to date, or you can like or a comment for this Rainbow Bridge pet yourself? Your kind words may help someone who is having a hard time right now.

You can also leave a comment below, and share to help spread the word.

If you know the owner, or you or someone else you know has lost a pet to Rainbow Bridge, maybe consider a Buddy Memorial Pin which you can get through our Online Store?

You may also find words of comfort in my Rainbow Bridge poems The Rainbow Bridge and A Single Tear.

Love and hugs to those waiting at Rainbow Bridge, and the owners who will reunite with them one day. Remember, at Rainbow Bridge, it’s not goodbye, it’s see you later.

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