New website design!

www design picture

Just a quick note to let you know we have been working really hard on our new website. We have gone through a few designs in the last few months but have settled now on this blog-style.

Finally is now pointing to the new location, so we should be live now all over the world!

The one problem this causes is any links to the old website will no longer work. We apologise for this but the rework was something we had to do.

This is especially relevant for the profiles we created for pets waiting at Rainbow Bridge. On the previous design not only did they feature on our Rainbow Bridge Online Instagram Page, but we also created a page for them on the website. As demand grew, we couldn’t keep up with the constant creation of extra pages, so now pets still feature on the Instagram page, and we also show the newest 20 who have joined us via an automatic feed which can be found on the right hand aside of every page of our website apart from the home screen. If you’re on a mobile, these will appear at the bottom of the posts.

This automation makes it much faster for us to now move the site and all the social media channels forward as we continue to grow.

We hope you like it – please share, link to and comment to help spread the word!

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