FREE! Personalized Rainbow Bridge Pet Memorial Video

free pet memorial video logo

That’s right! We have been working hard behind the scenes to offer an incredible FREE Rainbow Bridge pet memorial video on our brand new YouTube channel!

Go to our YouTube Channel and subscribe. Then view our demo video which shows what your video will look like, except yours will have your pets name at the beginning and your pet’s photo shown throughout.

There is no cost to at all to you, I just hope that you will proudly spread the word about this new service I offer and share your video far and wide to your friends and family.

Full details of how you can claim your new video are shown in the description below the video. You’ll have to click hereΒ to find out exactly what you have to do.

On the video you will see our logo and an advert for others to also get a free video. I thought that some of you would like this removed. Whilst these videos are a method for me to advertise my blog I will be introducing an option to remove all branding and advertising in the future for just a nominal fee. This will be announced inΒ a future blog but if you would like to know more then contact me either in the comments below or the comments section on YouTube.

I also intend to roll out videos which you can personalise further, but these I will have to charge for these due to the amount of time they will take to create. Again, further information will come in the form of another post as well as through our social media channels.

So I encourage you to have a watch of the demo video and subscribe to my Rainbow Bridge Online YouTube channel so that you can keep up to date with new uploads. I amΒ very excited to hear what you think!

Let me now what you think...

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