Boi Bailey

“Please welcome my boi bailey to the rainbow bridge sad to say he gained his angle wings xxx and very hard for me to do without crying had to put my boi bailey to sleep this eve xxx my boi go over that rainbow bridge and be free with nan & gdad xxx
R.I.P MY BOI BAILEY GOING TO MISS U SO MUCH XXXXXX 😭😒🐾🐢” Posted for @lisab1613 with #love

#allsogsgotoheaven #seeyousoon
#rainbowbridgeonline #rainbowbridge
#dog #dogsofinstagram #bordercolliesofinstagram #bordercolliemix #bordercollielover #bordercolliesofig #bordercollieworld #bordercolliesrock #border #dogs #seeyouontheotherside

One thought on “Boi Bailey

  1. Oh my in tears again xxxx thank you so much for this xxxx
    I really miss my boi bailey soooo much he was my baby and now im expecting he will miss meeting my other lilman his lil brother due in november xxxx

    Love u my boi bailey 🐾🐢
    Love your mum xxxxx

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