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Affordable Pet Care

kitten-870357_1920I know – keeping pets can be expensive! But, hey, they’re worth it aren’t they?

But what can you do if you can’t afford insurance and your animal falls ill. You just don’t have the spare money to pay the sometime extortionate fees for the medication?

That’s where my finding of  Medi-Vet is very useful indeed. They MEDI-VET LOGOare a superb online resource for not just medications at affordable prices, but also other products relating to behaviour, healthy food, grooming and first aid.

The best thing about Medi-Vet is they began after identifying a need to provide affordable veterinary care and products to local humane societies, animal rescue groups and to the people they serve, so this is core to the service they provide.

The Founder and CEO of Medi-Vet Animal Health, Dr Kent P Walker DVM, has over 40 years of experience in the practice of veterinary medicine. Dr Walker has always had a passion for helping animals, he strongly believe that no animal should have to go without proper healthcare due to inflated costs so in 1998 he founded Medi-Vet Animal Health, to help provide affordable veterinary products to local humane societies, animal rescue groups and to the people they serve.

He sounds like my kinda guy!

Medi-Vet provides a complete line of veterinary labeled medications and pet supplies at the lowest prices available anywhere. They carry products from all the leading drug manufacturers in their original packaging. They only stock products that are proven to work and that are well-respected in the veterinary community.

Did you know, and this is what gets me every time, is that the medicines and pet products that Medi-Vet supplies are exactly the same medications and pet products available at veterinary hospitals, but at a fraction of the cost.

It just makes sense to me. If you need medication for your pet, whether you can afford it comfortably or its a bit of a stretch for you right now, you can get exactly the same product here as they will offer you at your veterinary hospital. You’d be crazy not to check them out, wouldn’t you?

And just think, all that money I’ve just saved you, maybe you could buy your pet an extra juicy bone, or a little toy mouse to play with!

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