Bruno and the Angel – poem

It was very cold and grey, that long ago day, it was the winter of 83.
December, so I’ve heard ’em say.
It was cold and it was grey –
and oh the pain, I remember the pain.

My leg, I can’t move it, it’s broken I know.
I’d close my eyes and the pain was there.
And the cold, and the cold, and the pain.
How long, oh Lord, oh Lord, how long?
How long did I lie there, oh Lord, how long?
And my leg, and the pain, and the cold, the cold.

But God in Heaven – heard my sad whimper and
an angel she was, I know she was an angel. Her
words were kind and her touch was loving.
And the cold was hurt and the leg was hurt.

But there she was and there she is and my angel
was there and the cold fled away I know not where.
And the pain and leg and the cold and the grey
soon faded and faded and faded away.

And when I awoke there was my angel and her words
were kind and her touch was gentle. And she said to me
she said to me; hello Bruno hello. Here’s a friend, friend
Bruno. And his name was Duke and he’s all tan and I’m
black and tan and his name is Duke and me, well bless me
so – cause my name is Bruno – my angel said.

And the cold was gone! And the pain was– well it’s not
so bad. Not with a friend and not with my angel. And time
did pass by weeks and days and months and yes, even years.
What’s time to me, cause I’ve my friend Duke and even more
my angel was there and her touch was gentle and her words were
kind – this angel of mine.

And time did pass and pass did time and then one day my angel
did say – here Bruno – here’s another friend – friend – and this one
was tall and sorta different – why he’s older I thought and bald and
gentle. Gentle is he and bald is he and my angel did say – here Bruno – here’s a friend.

And time did pass and pass did time and the bald one and I – well we
had fun. We would drive and ride and now I’m older – but what the
heck – I like his shoulder. And drive and ride and romp and play –
mid fields with cactus and mesquite we go. Baldy and I – both getting
older – but what the heck – I like his shoulder.

And time did pass and pass did time and I’d see that angel of mine.
And then one day – she’s sad said I – and then she told me – your
friend dear Bruno – he’s gone away to run and play in another time
and another place. And old Duke was gone. Nother place, place.

And the wind is gentle and the grass is green and
there is no pain and no cold there. For she said to me he’s awaiting there
cause by and by as time does pass and pass does time we all must make
that trip you know. And her words were kind and her hands were gentle
and time did pass by months by years and grave yards I’d roam no more.

Oh that was fun – for me – not for them – the cats – the hare – and my oh yes –
a skunk every now and then – for me to catch – oh how I shudder – the smell
the taste – twas ever so awful – but still twas fun for me – not them. Grave
yards – fun – for me – not them. Both getting older – old baldy and me – but
what the heck – I like his shoulder.

There’s something wrong – what has happened – my eyes are dim – my steps
are slow – my joints, they creak – my ears, they droop – why don’t they shout
instead they whisper – I cannot hear – my eyes are dim and nightmares return
oh no, oh no, not the cold again – not the hurt again – get away from me you
demons you.

And time does pass by months by years and grave yards I’d roam no more.
And baldy seems sad – I wonder why – my angel, why she and he, did cry.
I feel his touch, it’s on my head – and this is what I heard was said – good bye
my Bruno – my Brunie – good bye – we’ve travelled far – old baldy and me –
travelled far old baldy and me.

But now – it seems – better for you and better for me – if for awhile to travel –
just me – and then as time does pass by months by years I’ll wait for you across
the bridge – see up there – up there – over the ridge. I’ll wait for you old baldy
and by and by we’ll travel some more. Not older – not older – but then again –
I’ll have your shoulder. Your shoulder. No pain – no pain – no pain – no more.

Oh Bruno, Oh Bruno – I love you so – I heard him say – again – once more.

Radford B Allen

Author: Tony

I am a father, a husband and a dog owner. Like many of you, I love my pets and they are treated as family members. On saying that, if you ask my wife, the order is dogs, daughter and then me but hey, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I write about pet ownership with a slant towards pet loss. Whilst that may sound incredibly depressing to some, I want to focus more on why our pets are so important, the effect they have on our lives and the wonderful memories they create for us. I have been a qualified hypnotherapist since 1999 hence the many references to self-hypnosis as a method of dealing with the pain of pet loss. I know this works so I hope you will give it a try. Please contribute to the success of this website by commenting, liking and sharing. I know this is a community which will spread far and wide, bringing comfort and relief to the many thousands of readers who experience the heartache of pet loss.

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