Buddy the Dog Keepsake Box – Black & Mahogany

buddy the dog keepsake box black

Perfect for stylishly storing mementos from your pet, this hardwood box showcases a ceramic tile displaying Buddy the Dog. Spring-loaded hinged lid stays open and snaps closed.

  • Made of solid hardwood with high-gloss lacquer finish
  • Interior is fully lined in velvet; bottom is covered in felt
  • Measures 5.5″x5.5″x2.25″ with a 4.25″x4.25″ ceramic tile
  • Please note: orientation of image seen is for ease of viewing only; design will face the customer on actual product.
  • As you can see, this box is also available in Mahogany

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Buddy the Dog Teddy Bear

Buddy the Dog Teddy Bear

Buddy the Dog Teddy Bear

Our plush bear is a cutie in his own Buddy the Dog t-shirt and bright red and blue ribbons. Here’s a great gift for someone who has just lost their pet, especially children as it gives them something to focus on and cuddle during their journey through the bereavement.

  • Soft plush fur
  • 11 inches tall
  • Red and blue bow and t-shirt included

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Buddy the Dog Pet Loss Memorial Pin

buddy the dog pet loss memorial pin

buddy the dog pet loss memorial pinOur aim is to have the Buddy logo recognized around the world and for the Buddy Memorial Pin to become an international symbol for people to wear when they have lost a pet. Any profit we make on this pin will go to charity.

Wear this pin when out and about to let people know that you are grieving the loss of a pet so you at not be yourself for a while.

I have written an article called Why Is It So Hard When Your Dog Passes? which recognizes that there is no set protocol in place for the person dealing with pet loss, and my desire to fill this void with Buddy’s memorial pin.

  • 1 inch diameter
  • Metal shell
  • Mylar/UV protecting cover
  • Pinned metal back

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Buddy the Dog Condolence Card

buddy the dog condolence cardShow your friend that you care about their loss with a Buddy the Dog condolence card. It’s blank on the inside for you to write your message… maybe take inspiration from our Rainbow Bridge poems or Rainbow Bridge quotes.

  • Choose from three size options: Note Card (4″ x 5.6″), Greeting Card (5″ x 7″), or X-Large Greeting Card (7.8″ x 11″)
  • White envelope included
  • Available in your choice of paper finish: matte or glossy
  • High quality, chlorine and acid free paper consisting of 30% post consumer waste and 50% total recycled fiber

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Buddy the Dog Dog Tag

buddy the dog dog tag

Military Style Dog Tag which may be more suitable for the grieving male? This Buddy the Dog tag can be worn yet is long enough to be hidden under a t-shirt or jumper. A nice option for anyone who wants to keep their pet close to their heart but without wanting the attention other items may bring when worn on display.

  • Stainless Steel construction with durable epoxy image
  • 1″ x 2″ (2.5 cm x 5 cm)
  • 24″ (61 cm) ball chain

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Meet Buddy!

buddy the dog

buddy the dog

This is Buddy. Buddy was inspired by the my poem A Single Tear, which describes how the pet feels when they arrive at Rainbow Bridge and the message they send I believe they would want to send back to their owner, if only they could.

The tear reflects the shades of Rainbow Bridge and symbolises the loss felt by the pet. You see, you’ll notice a slight smile on Buddy’s face which almost contradicts the tear he is also wearing on his cheek but this is because for the majority of the time Buddy is content waiting for his owner, understanding that the time will come soon enough when they will be reunited again, but this is underpinned by a small part of him who is sad that he isn’t with the owner that he loves and trusts so much.

I think that I have managed to capture this feeling in the poem and then go on to represent this in a simple, child like drawing. I wanted to keep him simple and I was inspired to some extent by the Great Ormond Street Hospital logo which is quite similar.

In order to keep it simple I asked my daughter to draw the initial ideas… don’t get me wrong, at 12 years old she excels in art and is capable of much more detailed images, but she managed to capture exactly what I wanted in just a few attempts.

I strongly urge you and hope that you will read my poem A Single Tear to fully appreciate what I am saying, and to see Buddy in a new light.

Buddy now represents Rainbow Bridge Online. Although we have many animals with us, dogs do rule the roost although more designs of similar characters are planned.

Our aim is to have the Buddy logo recognised around the world and for the Buddy Memorial Pin to become an international symbol for people to wear when they have lost a pet. Any profit we make on this pin will go to charity. A related blog will follow this one.

We also plan a range of merchandise with Buddy as the symbol of Rainbow Bridge Online. These will be covered in further posts in the ‘Buddy’ category on the right hand side. In the meantime you can visit the Rainbow Bridge Online Store here.

Please let me know your thoughts on Buddy and if you think he captures the sentiments I am aiming for, those being remembering your pets with a smile, whilst still acknowledging an underlying sense of sadness.

Sending an e-Card, Memorial Card or Flowers

red rose sorry
sorry rose

When a friend loses a pet, often the best way to show someone you care is through a sympathy card. You may or may not know them well enough to pick up the phone, but one gesture which is always appreciated is receiving a nice card with a loving note.

Nowadays it is common-place to send an e-Card. That is a card which is emailed to someone. The advantage to eCards are they are instant, can feature a short video and have nice music in the background. Some can also be personalised. They can also be sent for free, which is always nice.

However some senders can get worried around protocol. Is there a certain way to do things? Any set rules I should know about?

Although it is highly unlikely that anything you as a sensible caring person could do which may cause offence in these circumstances, with the thought and actions of actually sending the cards outweighing anything you may do that may be considered wrong, I will still outline some of the consideration for you here, just to stop you worrying if nothing else.


Do it now! That’s my best suggestion. As a dog who has passed and can still see his owners I know how much these cards meant to them. And if you delay, you’ll forget, you know you will. I don’t think you can ever send them to early but if you forget it won’purple flowert look good, despite your best intentions. Excuses just won’t cut it I’m afraid.

And send the card even if you are in contact with them. It means so much, shows them you thought about them when you weren’t with them, and is a nice reminder when they see you card on the mantelpiece, hopefully with many others.

Can it ever be too late to send a card? I guess so, it would be a little strange to send one years after passing. If its’ weeks or a few months, go for it. After that you have probably missed the boat. However, if you’re not sure, just send it. Its better to send and be a little late than forget and possibly make it appear you don’t care, especially when it is so easy to send cards and e-cards nowadays.

It may also be worth considering sending another card on the first anniversary, a maybe other key dates like futher anniversaries, birthdays or dates of passing. Again, with eCards being free, just those few minutes of sending a card can bring a smile to someone you care for who may be having a bad day. Get the date(s) in the diary and get it done.


Some people are completely against this idea. You have to use your common sense here. If yu were close to the person then it makes sense to say something when you see them or pick up the phone and say something. Then send one to follow up.

If you don’t know the person very well then I think it’s perfectly fine to send a text, an e-card or share a comment on social media. The world is much more advanced now. Rainbow Bridge Online thrives through Instagram and it’s whole community is based on this social media platform and it is gaining in popularity every day. How many people post pictures of their animals online now, and many then go on to announce their passing here too. Wouldn’t it be rude not to acknowledge this devastating event at this time?

E-cards are now very easy to send with many websites offering this service. Most are also free of charge. I have set up my own eCard website in partnership with 123greetings.com so that you can quickly and easily send eCards for free to those who have lost pets recently, as well as a whole range of other life events should you wish t browse the site further.


A very personal question which only you can really answer. It all depends on how well you knew them and how much support you think they would accept from you. A helping hand may well be needed at such a time, but don’t be offended if they say no – they may not want to open up right now as they deal with the grief, or they may have a close friend or family member who is doing a great job looking after them already.

Offering a second or even third time may be a good idea as it is often accepted in the follow up when they have had a chance to consider your gesture, it also takes away any guilt of the person accepting as it shows you were serious in your offer and would be keen to help.

Just make sure you follow through – now is not a good time to let them down and not be there.


Send some flowers. In addition to the card. Yes, you will get a small note with the flowers but send a card as well. You can now find some websites who offer a fantastic range of flowers and appropriate gifts which you can send around the world after just a few clicks at an affordable price. The best I have found it 1800Flowers who can even complete the order on the same day.

As 1800Flowers say on their website, “show a loving friend or family grieving the loss of a pet that you are thinking about them with one of their pet memorial items. From pet sympathy flowers to pet plaques for the loss of a dog, cat, bird or any other beloved furry friend, your thoughtful gesture will bring light during this dark time”.

I couldn’t agree more.