Lost Pet – poem

Death of a Pet

I stood by your bed last night, I came to have a peep, I could see that you were crying, you found it hard to sleep. I whined to you softly as you brushed away a tear, "It's me, I haven't left you, I'm well, I'm fine, I'm here". I was close to you at …

Your Pets In Heaven – poem

cloud sun sky heaven

To have loved and then said farewell, is better than to have never loved at all. For all of the times that you have stooped and touched my head, fed me my favorite treat and returned the love that I so unconditionally gave to you. For the care that you gave to me so unselfishly. …

A Time to Remember – poem

dog meadow

They come into our lives for such a short time, a time we wouldn't trade not even for a dime. Then before you know it the years have flown by and then all of the sudden we're saying good-bye. It wasn't that long ago we said our good-byes, we held on to you tight as …

All Things Bright and Beautiful – poem

bird branch robin

All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small, all things wise and wonderful, the Lord God made them all. Each little flower that opens, each little bird that sings, He made their glowing colors, He made their tiny wings. He gave us eyes to see them, and lips that we might tell, how …

A Parting Prayer – poem

prayer lake

Dear Lord, please open your gates and call St. Francis to come escort this beloved companion across the Rainbow Bridge. Assign her to a place of honor, for she has been a faithful servant and has always done her best to please me. Bless the hands that send her to you, for they are doing …

A Good Dog Never Dies – poem

autumn day leaves

A good dog never dies, he always stays, he walks besides you on crisp autumn days when frost is on the fields and winter's drawing near, his head within our hand in his old way Author unknown