skipper grey tabby cat

Skipper @ Rainbow Bridge

Loss of my friend’s pet cat, Skipper today…Skipper was loved by all.

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2 thoughts on “Skipper @ Rainbow Bridge

  1. I lost my beloved black Seti cat 2 years this 22nd of this Month. The new Vets place I went to as she had damaged her hip after getting off her chair was so compassionate and aided me in my sending her to The Rainbow Bridge, They watched me cry as I sang my favorite song to her “Baby Mine” (The song out of Dumbo cartoon that I sang to her every night.) as they gave the final needles to release her soul, They were so sympathetic as I sang and comforted me as her eyes slowly closed as she travelled the long path To The Rainbow Bridge, They even sent me a beautiful condolence card signed by all the staff as a memory. I love them for their help with the cats transition and I know that she will be pain free and waiting there for me to get her when my Earthly time is over. I only pray that others that have to suffer a loss of their beloved “Fur Babies” gets help and compassion like this!

  2. When you have any beloved animal that has been in your life forever it seems know that the most humane thing if absolutely nothing can be done is to let them go to the Rainbow bridge. I lost my beloved 17 years black cat Seti two years ago and think about her every day, She awaits me I know when my time on Earth is over I will find her and she will find me at The Rainbow Bridge and travel holding her close to Heaven where we can be together again! I truly Believe this is God’s way of helping the beloved pets to get to His Home where we will live again in his Love and Compassionate home! Just Believe!

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