buddy the dog

Meet Buddy!

buddy the dog

This is Buddy. Buddy was inspired by the my poem A Single Tear, which describes how the pet feels when they arrive at Rainbow Bridge and the message they send I believe they would want to send back to their owner, if only they could.

The tear reflects the shades of Rainbow Bridge and symbolises the loss felt by the pet. You see, you’ll notice a slight smile on Buddy’s face which almost contradicts the tear he is also wearing on his cheek but this is because for the majority of the time Buddy is content waiting for his owner, understanding that the time will come soon enough when they will be reunited again, but this is underpinned by a small part of him who is sad that he isn’t with the owner that he loves and trusts so much.

I think that I have managed to capture this feeling in the poem and then go on to represent this in a simple, child like drawing. I wanted to keep him simple and I was inspired to some extent by the Great Ormond Street Hospital logo which is quite similar.

In order to keep it simple I asked my daughter to draw the initial ideas… don’t get me wrong, at 12 years old she excels in art and is capable of much more detailed images, but she managed to capture exactly what I wanted in just a few attempts.

I strongly urge you and hope that you will read my poem A Single Tear to fully appreciate what I am saying, and to see Buddy in a new light.

Buddy now represents Rainbow Bridge Online. Although we have many animals with us, dogs do rule the roost although more designs of similar characters are planned.

Our aim is to have the Buddy logo recognised around the world and for the Buddy Memorial Pin to become an international symbol for people to wear when they have lost a pet. Any profit we make on this pin will go to charity. A related blog will follow this one.

We also plan a range of merchandise with Buddy as the symbol of Rainbow Bridge Online. These will be covered in further posts in the ‘Buddy’ category on the right hand side. In the meantime you can visit the Rainbow Bridge Online Store here.

Please let me know your thoughts on Buddy and if you think he captures the sentiments I am aiming for, those being remembering your pets with a smile, whilst still acknowledging an underlying sense of sadness.

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