Sweet Tess – poem

woman sunset contemplating

Today I sit alone and cry
your loss so sad I can’t describe
my memories soar a wave so high
your playful bow your twinkling eye

Your life was full if not so long
you gave so much and asked for none
your ease with us your clumsy grace
oh Tess you’re better than this place

Our Mum and Dad stayed by your side
and helped you through that final slide
they’ll miss you so just as will I
I was not there to say good-bye

My dear sweet Tess you’ve gone to rest
but this I know you’ve stood the test
your heart of gold it will remain
a part of us where you shall reign

Your spirit bright it fills my heart
still I can’t bear to see you part
today I sit alone and cry
tomorrow I’ll stand and say good-bye

Allison Carpenter

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