Coco Chanel @ Rainbow Bridge

Chanel 6/99 -10/19/2015.

This is my girl Chanel.

Her full name is Coco Chanel. She is part Pomeranian and part Chihuahua. She was the runt of the litter. I got her at 7 weeks old. She literally looked like a hamster on a string she was so tiny. She was my soul mate.. somehow, someway.  I’ve loved all my animals but her and I bonded so closely. I had her from June of 1999 until October 19th 2015.
It still makes me cry I miss her so much. Always, a Lady sensitive strong, independent and intuitive.

I held her until the end

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Keke @ Rainbow Bridge

keke chihuahua dog rainbow bridge

This is Keke. She left me on May 22, 2016 and my heart is forever broken. She was my heart, my best friend, my confidant, my healer of a broken heart, my child, my reason for living. Not a day passes that she doesn’t cross my mind. We met 10 years ago when you was about 8 after I rescued her from a puppy mill. Never once did she leave my side for more than a few hours. I lost her due to heart failure…and I felt like I’ve lost myself without her. She’s the best thing that even happened to me.

She lived to be a lovely 18 years old and I’m forever grateful for every second with her. My love for Keke knows no boundaries…even as she waits at the Rainbow Bridge.

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Walter @ Rainbow Bridge

walter chihuahua dog

This is Walter. He was around 15 years old. I worked at a animal shelter and he was a stray. Found in a Burger King parking lot. Scared, a few teeth and no where to go. We thought we were only going to have him for a few months but a year and half later he was still here. Two nights ago we had to say goodbye and it was the hardest thing we ever had to do.

My dogs Harley and Marty loved him so much and are missing him a lot. He loved to sleep and loved to moan for attention. We love you baby 💔

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