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pierce golden retriever

I worked as a vet tech 15 years ago and his dad, Chandler, was one of our clients. He was my fav. His mom was breeding him with her mom’s Golden and I knew I had to have one of Chandler’s pups so she let me pick. I knew Pierce was mine the moment I saw him. He was 5 weeks old when he came home with me and I was most blessed to have him for the next 15 years. He was goofy, funny, energetic and loved all things. He thought every person and animal loved him that much in return…one cat did. Not but every person did. He captured your heart. He was the most loyal and loving friend I’ve known my entire life. He was healthy and never had any problems until the very end.

On Dec 17th after some skin issues I was bathing him and found several large scans. One came off and there were 2 mole looming spots. They would not stop bleeding so we took him to the vet and unfortunately got a cancer diagnosis. She said maybe 2 months but maybe 2 weeks. So for the next 2 1/2 weeks we slept with him and never left his side taking shifts during work days.

He declined rapidly and on Sunday, New Years Day, at 1030 he had his first grand mal seizure. It was shocking and terrible to watch. The next came 4am and every hour until we could get meds called in. The meds stopped the seizures but he, as we knew him, was gone. For the next 2 days we never left him and kept him comfy and loved and let him know we were there and would not leave him. On Wednesday he passed at 530.

It was the worst moment of my life, even harder than my dad passing suddenly of a heart attack. We were bonded beyond any other person or thing in my life and I never imagined me without Pierce. It was always Jen and Pierce. These past weeks have been difficult to say the least and his sweet spirit is missed more than words can say. He was given a true kings burial beyond anything I’ve ever seen. Nothing will ever replace my bond with him. I still talk to him daily and keep his bed beside mine. We will have another pup but my Pierce was my most special everything. Pierce the big red dog lived from 2002-2017

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