Shelly @ Rainbow Bridge

It’s always hard to say goodbye to the best of things. We’re sad to see a special senior member of the #MuddyPawsPack, Shelly (aka Shoshanna), cross the rainbow bridge yesterday.

14-year-old Shelly, once a stray found in a yard, was adopted into an amazing family by her mama and brother, Jojo (@jojo_thefurbean) in 2016 after being featured on @susiesseniordogs. She was given the most incredible year and a bit of her life. Shelly was also fondly known by her adorable nicknames, Shelly Sunshine, Missy Shelliot, Shellskis to just name a few. Even her fashionable little diaper was nicknamed her Shelly Shorts! Shelly was old, but gold and her family knew how much love she deserved and never hesitated to give her all that she needed.

In return, Shelly gave everyone so much happiness that we just can’t put it into words. We miss Shelly so much already, but we’re incredibly happy that she was so loved at the end of her journey, as many senior dogs don’t even get the chance. We love you, Shelly — you’ll always be in our hearts. ❤️

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Ozzy Boy @ Rainbow Bridge

ozzy boy dog

💔It is with broken hearts we let you go to Heaven today😪 whoever let your demons in and tried to break your spirit failed 🐾 tho we couldn’t chase all the demons away, we showed you the L❤️VE you deserved💖 in return you taught us to accept you for who you were and not try to make you into who we thought we wanted you to be💖 you were always enough – more than enough💖 Rest In Peace, Sweet Ozzie Boy👼🏼 we’ll see you over the Rainbow Bridge one day🌈 (adopted) 7/2/05 – 12/4/15. L❤️VE U MORE🐾

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