mr squiggles tertraodon mbu giant puffer fish

Mr Squiggles @ Rainbow Bridge

This ‘little’ guy was my fish. He was a puffer fish, more specifically a Tetraodon Mbu. He had such a personality. We will all miss Mr Squiggles but at least now he is in the lakes by the meadows overlooking Rainbow Bridge x

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PLEASE WELCOME MR SQUIGGLES TO RAINBOW BRIDGE x This is Mr Squiggles. I remember the first time I saw him in the aquarium… I looked into the tank and the cutest little face came to the front and he looked like he was smiling at me. I immediately paid for him and arranged to collect once we had set up his tank. He was such a character and as he got bigger we ended up buying bigger tanks. His last tank was in the dining room and the minute he saw you at the door he would make the water splash to get your attention for food. I would hand feed him with prawns, muscles and squid he really loved his food. I know it's a weird pet to get so attached to but I was heartbroken when he died. @missy_hope1 @rae_bacon @smokybacon13 #pufferfish #puffer #tetraodon #mbu #giantpuffer #brackish #carnivorous #carnivore #fish #aquarium #love #fishtank #tank #beautiful #animal #instafish #fishofinstagram #animals #aqua #fishies #water #swimming #photooftheday #rainbowbridgeonline #rainbowbridge #rip #sadday #seeyouontheotherside #missyou #foreverinourhearts

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