Welcome to Rainbow Bridge Online

Hi there, and a warm welcome to Rainbow Bridge Online.

This blog is dedicated to remembering our pets who are waiting, albeit busy playing, at Rainbow Bridge. It is a community of like-minded animal-lovers who want to remember their pets with a smile, whilst helping and supporting others who have also felt the pain of losing a friend or two.

We all have that in common.

I am Tony; a father, a husband and a dog owner. Like many of you, I love my pets and they are treated as family members. On saying that, if you ask my wife, the order is dogs, daughter and then me but hey, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

We currently have Missy the Pug (AKA Misty, Pug Face, Stinky, Cat-Dog, Top Cat and Princess Missy Moo Moo) and a Rottie called Bear (AKA Bear Peanut, Bear Cub, Stinky (notice a pattern here?) and Doofus). Naturally they both insisted on having their own Instagram pages… Missy can be found @pugtasticmissy, whilst Bear is @bear_peanut14. In this house, Missy is the boss of the two being older and, if I may, female. Bear is, quite simply, an arse. We all agree on that one.

missy pug sitting

Whilst losing a pet is incredibly tough, it is important to remember what did your pet do that made you smile? What fitting memorials can we create for them?

Bear Peanut rottie rottweiler dog tongue out
Bear Peanut

You can submit your pets for free here, or via our Instagram page if you prefer. This creates a fantastic memorial wall where other owners have submitted their pets. This allows animal lovers around the world to leave words of love, compassion and support quickly and easily.

I hope to create a passionate, loyal and active community for this pet loss memorial wall, and I hope that you will be part of that too. Words of support when your pet passes can make a real difference to how you feel, especially from strangers who are likely to be animals lovers who have experienced the pain of pet loss.

Even leaving a single emoji can help comfort a broken heart.

On that note you will find many poems and quotes offering comfort. I have written two poems myself, one of which is Rainbow Bridge (my version of the classic inspired by the original Rainbow Bridge poem) and the second is A Single Tear, the pet’s point of view whilst they wait at Rainbow Bridge. I hope you take the time to read them as I am super-proud of them both.

From A Single Tear, Buddy was created with the help of my daughter (who can be found on YouTube @ThatYouTubeGirl), and Buddy features on his own merchandise. If you like the story behind him, which you can read here, and would like to purchase some of his products, including our Pet Loss Memorial Pin, you can find out more on these Buddy the Dog blogs, or why not go crazy and jump straight to our Rainbow Bridge Merchandise Page or the  Rainbow Bridge Online store now…?!?

Finally I hope you will sense from me an underlying tone of love, compassion and empathy towards other pet lovers who, whilst having incredible 4-legged companions around them now, also have the irreplaceable and happy memories, with the occasion pang of sadness, for those who have since departed and who now wait for us at Rainbow Bridge.

Lots of love and all the very best to you and your extended family.


This community thrives on comments from people just like you like. Please leave a few words for others to respond to.